Disinfection Fog Machine 1500 w


Authentic Smoke Fog Spray Disinfectant Machine – Air Purifier & Surface Sanitizer best for Home, Car, Office & retail. Eliminates Bacteria & Viruses for Indoor-Outdoor Portable house fresheners



  • INSTRUCTION MANUAL: Watch the Video before Purchasing. https://youtu.be/sx77s7Ea_-o
  • STYLIST ATOMIZER: This portable/indoor electric atomization fogger machine disinfectant, portable air purifier best for bedroom disinfects and air purification of various small spaces, cars, homes, office, shopping mall and all public places
  • FOGGING SURFACE SANITIZER: Not only it disinfects sprayer or work as air purifiers for bedroom allergies, surface sanitizer spray can produce Smoke Fog with 25% mixture of -WATER BASED- Fog Liquid or Fog Juice (from Amazon) into the sanitizer. Recommend disabling your Fire Alarm during use.
  • EXCELLENT SPRAY EFFECT: Smoke is automatically discharged, the electric sprayer will purify the air for about 5 to 8 minutes, and then wait for the smoke to absorb harmful substances in the air. After 10 minutes, open the door and you will feel healthy and fresh air.
  • OVERHEAT PROTECTION: The air blower machine has Auto Stop function once overheat it will Auto Start with timers on. It will guarantee that the product will last long