Disinfectant Fog Machine 1200 w


260ML 1200W Fogger Machine Disinfectant Atomizer,More Disinfection Sprayer,Ulv Fogger,Sprayer Gun Fogger,Spray Surface Disinfection Fog Tool, Duster Blower Sprayer



  • ✔High-Quality Nano Spray Port–Use Pa Heat Resistant Material, Fast Fogging, Large Amount of Mist.Smart Temperature Control, Prevent Dry Heating.
  • ✔Porous Heat Dissipation–The Device Releases A Large Amount Of Nano-Spray While The Hull Intelligent Heat Dissipation.
  • ✔Adjust The Quantity Of Fog –According To The Softness,Large Capacity Water Bottle, Which Can Adjust The Control Time According To The Quantity Of Mist.
  • ✔Temperature Adjustment–3 Water Temperature Adjustment: 0-10, 10-20, 20-30 ℃.
  • ✔Notes— When You Use This Machine, It Must Strictly Need To Use Pure Water Or Distilled Water After Chlorine Removal. Never use liquids.